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Zocco Beach

Zocco Beach


Via Gandhi, 37, 06063 San Feliciano, Magione PG

Lago Trasimeno

Via Gandhi, 37, 06063 San Feliciano, Magione PG

Lago Trasimeno


Wakeboarding and Wakesurfing School -

Lake Trasimeno

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Trasimeno Wakeboard Team


The Trasimeno Wakeboard Team was born from the great passion for board sports of 3 friends: Tommaso, Luca and Gabriele. The goal is to have fun, wakeboarding and letting everyone try this wonderful discipline on Lake Trasimeno.

Wakeboarding is the sport that combines snowboarding and water skiing; it is a matter of being towed by a boat just like the aforementioned water ski but with the difference of having a single board similar to a snowboard at your feet. To practice this sport it is necessary to use special boats to ensure the safety and maximum enjoyment of the skier.


Trying and trying again today, the amateur sports association Trasimeno Wakeboard Team has FISW (Italian Federation of Nautical Skiing and Wakeboard) qualified technicians available for starting the practice of towed water sports. It will therefore be possible at the "Zocco Beach" in San Feliciano, to do wakeboarding but also Wakesurfing and why not even water skiing for the more nostalgic.

Another fundamental aspect concerns the water conditions, specifically we tend to prefer a flat surface on which to slide to allow us to make the most of our abilities and using the wave left by the boat as it passes as a ramp to make jumps and evolutions in the air.‚Äč

You just have to book your run at Lake Trasimeno!

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